Heat Level - 4 Sauces

Mango Lemon Mint Pepper Sauce

3-4 Low-Medium Level (quarter strength scotch bonnet) - This sauce will give you that pop and sizzle but doesn’t have as much of a burn. The calming influence of the lemon and mint mixture add a cooling effect. Quite a remarkably unique flavour that sure to leave an impact.

Original (OG) Pepper Sauce

5/6 Medium Level (Half strength scotch bonnet) - This sauce was designed for the person that loves the scotch bonnet flavour but cannot take all the heat it comes with. A great sauce for a milder tongue but can handle a little sizzle.

Suicide Pepper Sauce

8 (Full strength scotch bonnet) - This sauce is definitely for the heat enthusiast. It is the perfect balance of our signature scotch bonnet pepper sauce flavour and the lingering heat that you crave. The heat is brought to the tipping point of overtaking the flavour but stopped. A great entry-level into the suicide sauce category.

Ghost Pepper Fusion Sauce