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To say that Tameika Laing is passionate about food would be an understatement! She is a strong advocate for healthy living, natural and wholesome food, not the man-made processed fare that masquerades as nourishment today.

Our food should sustain us and can even be our medicine, but the modern diet is replete with additives, not occurring in nature, that our bodies simply cannot synthesize. This lack of awareness and understanding about what is hidden in our food is a major contributor to illness and lifestyle disease. 

Making natural foods taste amazing, is the inspiration behind Meika’s.  The products are the result of the masterful blending of herbs and spices that excite the palate, organically enhancing the taste of food. Influenced by world travel and culinary secrets learned from a variety of cultures, Meika’s is infused with what makes food sumptuous all over the world.  


About Us

 Tameika Laing is the hot sauce connoisseur and culinary genius behind Meika’s. Her Jamaican and Trinidadian heritage makes her no stranger to the distinctive flavours, spices and salts synonymous with West Indian food. A strong foundation of family and an appreciation of the integral part that great food plays in building community, makes love the key ingredient in every Meika’s product.  

Tameika is a graduate of Humber College, Toronto, Canada, where she pursued Culinary Arts and cultivated her intrinsic flair for cooking, with instruction in food artistry.  Meika’s is therefore the fusion of heritage, travel, training and a talent for meshing flavours, textures and colours into distinctive sauces and spice blends with a West Indian twist!

This culinary marketplace is designed to revolutionize the way people see and experience food and to take it from the ordinary to the extraordinary.  We invite you to playexperiment and to have fun while creating family favourites and new culinary traditions with Meika’s products.

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