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A two pack of Meika’s 8 oz (236 mls) scotch bonnet pepper sauces. Choose any combination from our pepper sauce line.

1. Mango lemon mint (HEAT LEVEL 3-4/10) pepper sauce, a sweet heat with cool undertones. 2. The Original pepper sauce (HEAT LEVEL 5-6/10), a trinidadian base enhanced by a jamaican slow stewed cooking style with a heavy Italian influence.     3. The Suicide sauce (HEAT LEVEL 8/10) is definitely for the heat enthusiast with the perfect balance of our signature scotch bonnet pepper sauce flavour and the lingering heat that you crave. The heat is brought to the tipping point of overtaking the flavour but stopped. A perfect balance of flavour first and heat second. A great entry-level into the 'suicide sauce' category.  4. The Ghost Pepper Fusion aka Your Toxic-Ex (HEAT LEVEL 10/10)- The first thing you taste is our signature scotch bonnet flavour getting all the sweet and citrus notes. Just when you think it's not that hot the ghost pepper goes into full effect and starts to haunt you in the best of ways.  This is the relationship you love being in, hate yourself for but always go back for more. This is our second entry into the 'suicide sauce' category and significantly hotter than our suicide sauce.